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    Artificial foliage - Foliage

    Artificial foliage is a type of foliage made from synthetic materials, designed to imitate the appearance of natural foliage. It is often used in interior and exterior decoration, as well as in the entertainment industry to create sets.

    Manufacturers of artificial foliage can use different types of materials to produce artificial leaves and branches, such as PVC, polyester, and polyethylene. Artificial foliage can be made to resemble a wide variety of plants, including trees, bushes, climbers, and herbs. They can be sold as individual leaves, branches, or pre-assembled in bouquets or hanging baskets.

    The advantages of artificial foliage compared to

    J-line -  - Artificial Foliage
    Artificial Foliage

    Grass Boot + Flowers Green/Pink, plastic, Height: 77 cm, Width: 30 cm.

    Price upon request
    PARLANE - fougère - Artificial Foliage


    Price upon request
    Vegetal  Indoor -  - Artificial Foliage
    Vegetal Indoor

    Végétal Indoor offers you to dress all or part of your walls in artificial plants. Having become a ...

    Price upon request
    Top Art International - eucalyptus - Artificial Foliage
    Top Art International

    Eucalyptus brache, 30 leaves (grey-green) 86cm - PROMOTION

    Price upon request
    ... natural foliage are numerous: it requires no maintenance, does not wither or lose its leaves, and can be used in places where natural plants could not survive. However, it is important to note that the quality and appearance of artificial foliage can vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of materials used.

    There are many manufacturers of artificial foliage worldwide, here are some of the most well-known manufacturers:

    Commercial Silk: This American company manufactures artificial foliage for indoor and outdoor projects. They offer a wide range of products, including trees, climbers, palm trees, and shrubs.

    Vert Design: This French company specializes in the production of artificial foliage for landscaping. Their products are used in interior and exterior design projects to create realistic and natural-looking scenery.

    Sunwing: This Chinese company is one of the largest manufacturers of artificial foliage in the world. They offer a comprehensive range of artificial foliage for indoor and outdoor use, including trees, bushes, hedges, and climbers.

    Maxifleur: This Dutch company offers a wide selection of artificial plants and flowers for landscaping, including trees, palm trees, hedges, and climbers.

    TreeScapes & PlantWorks: This American company manufactures artificial foliage for large-scale interior and exterior projects, such as theme parks and casinos.

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