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    Urinal - WCs & wash basins

    A urinal is a sanitary equipment designed to allow men to urinate upright in a clean and hygienic manner. It is generally used in public toilets, workplaces, restaurants, shopping malls and other high traffic areas, offering a convenient solution for male urinary needs.

    Common features of a urinal:

    Shape and design: Urinals are available in a variety of shapes and designs, ranging from standard basin-shaped models to more modern and aesthetic designs.

    Material: Urinals are usually made of ceramic, stainless steel or plastic. Ceramic is the most common material because of its easy cleaning and stain resistance.

    Flushing mechanism: Urinals

    CATALANO -  - Urinal
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    SANELA -  - Urinal

    the system reacts to the presence of the user in front of the urinal at a maximum distance of 0.7 m, ...

    Price upon request

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    ... can be equipped with different flushing mechanisms, such as manually operated valves, automatic valves or infrared sensors that activate flushing when the urinal is no longer used.

    Water saving: Many urinals are designed to be water efficient, using less water by rinsing than conventional toilets.

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