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    Bouffadou - Fireside accessories

    A bouffadou, also called a chimney bellows, is a traditional tool used to fan flames and fire in a fireplace, stove or fireplace. It is designed to facilitate the start of the fire, maintain a more efficient combustion and adjust the intensity of the fire by blowing air on the embers and flames. Bouffadou is often used in homes with fireplaces to maintain fire and maintain heat.

    Using a Bouffadou:

    Fire Start: The puffadou is used to blow air on embers or small flames to facilitate the ignition of the fire.

    Fire Maintenance: While the fire is burning, the puffadou

    D-ZN -  - Bouffadou

    FireKeeper is a substitute for the traditional bellows and can be easily mounted on the wall next to ...

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    OFYR -  - Bouffadou

    Material Steel Dimensions Bouffadou Ø 3 x H 80 cm | HoutTang wood clamps L 4 x W 6 x H 59 cm ...

    pret a jardiner -  - Bouffadou
    pret a jardiner

    This cast iron puff will be very useful for fanning your barbecue or fireplace, without the risk of ...


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    D-ZN OFYR pret a jardiner
    ... allows you to adjust the intensity by providing fresh air to the flames, which can help maintain a more efficient combustion.

    Heat Diffusion: By blowing air over the embers, the puffadou can help increase the temperature of combustion, allowing more heat to be diffused into the room.

    Fire Control: The puffadou can also be used to direct the airflow and adjust the direction of the flames.

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