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    Univers :  Fireplace

    Good news:   The chimney shines again in our homes. It is acclaimed for its ecological and aesthetic virtues. Gone are the rustic versions of thatched cottages, today the fireplace is urban and design. With its pure metallic frame, lacquered in white or black, it harmonizes with the most contemporary interiors and fits easily into small spaces. Flueless flueless fireplaces contribute to this craze. Practical, they can be installed like a picture or coffee table and require little maintenance. Simply pour bioethanol into a tank and you will have a nice blaze without odour or smoke. The room heats up by a few extra degrees with reduced pollution. The level of Co2 released is low, the equivalent of two candles for about 5 hours of use. Note however, this fuel, although of 100% vegetable origin, is not organic, contrary to what its prefix implies. The "nomadic" and outdoor models can follow us from room to room and even in the garden. They can also be placed in a hearth to revive a fireplace without the need to sweep or renovate the
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    ... flue. Another possibility for transforming an atmospheric fireplace is to insert an insert into the fireplace. As a glazed metal combustion chamber, it considerably improves the efficiency of an open fireplace by preventing 80% of the heat from going up in smoke. Even more efficient, the closed fireplace. Unlike the insert, it cannot be added to an existing fireplace. It must be connected to a flue and then lined with a mantel. It can be enough to heat a small house from top to bottom. No more need for a fire screen, it makes the surroundings safe by preventing embers from splashing and reduces wood consumption. Successful comeback of the stove as well. Modern lines, technical progress, it has nothing to do with the ceramic stove in our farm kitchens anymore. With an output similar to a closed fireplace, easy to install, the wood stove heats the room by radiation. Advantage, it delivers heat by inertia once the fire has been extinguished. Stoves made of cast iron and refractory materials are the most efficient. Always use dry wood, preferably wood that is NF-certified (NF 332 Firewood marking). The green flame label is another guarantee of quality. It guarantees an efficiency of at least 70% and a carbon monoxide level of less than 0.3%. It allows you to benefit from the tax credit for energy savings and sustainable development provided for in the new 2009 finance law. If you add the savings from heating with wood compared to other energy sources, the investment quickly pays for itself. The technical improvement of the materials also explains the growing success of this means of heating. Automated, its use is greatly facilitated. Renewable energy available in large quantities, wood is the solution of the future!

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