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    Fountain spout - Fountains

    A fountain spout is the part of the fountain through which water is ejected and flows into the basin or basin of the fountain. Fountain spouts can have different shapes and sizes, and can be metal, stone, marble, ceramic or glass, for example. Fountain spouts are often decorative and can be sculpted to represent mythological figures, animals, flowers or abstract motifs.

    Fountain nozzles can also have different features. Some fountain spouts are designed to create specific water effects, such as water jets or waterfalls. Other fountain spouts are designed to work with water filtration or purification systems, thus keeping the


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    ... water in the fountain clean and clear.

    Fountain spouts have a long history dating back to antiquity, where they were often used as decorative elements in gardens and public spaces. Today, fountain spouts are still popular in parks, gardens, squares and courtyards, where they add a touch of elegance and freshness to the environment.

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