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    Bath drain plug - Bathtubs

    The bathtub bung is a plumbing accessory that plugs the drain hole of the bathtub. It is generally made of metal, plastic or rubber and consists of a cap that fits into the bottom of the bathtub, and a chain or mechanism that allows it to open or close to control the flow of water.

    There are different types of bathtub bungs, including pop-up bungs, pull-out bungs or screw-in bungs. Some tub bungs may also be equipped with an overflow, which drains water in case of overflow.

    Manufacturers of bathtub bungs are numerous and include plumbing brands like Wirquin, Nicoll,

    Propaganda -  - Bath Drain Plug

    Designer : Chaiyut Plypetch

    By combining the functional use of a drain plug with the presence of water, we have brought ...

    ... Jacob Delafon, Geberit, Grohe, and many others.

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