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    Plant trolley - Flowerpot holders

    A plant holder is a piece of furniture or support used to display and enhance indoor or outdoor plants. It can be made from different materials such as wood, metal, ceramic, glass or plastic.

    Plant holders can be of different shapes, sizes and designs to fit different types of plants and styles of decoration. Some models are designed to be placed on the floor, while others can be hung from the ceiling or walls.

    Plant carriers can also be used to create a green environment in indoor spaces such as homes, offices, shopping malls and hotels. They can be arranged

    Old forge -  - Plant Trolley
    Old forge
    Price upon request
    ... in groups to create plant shelves, vertical gardens, terrariums, suspensions or plant walls.

    Plant carriers can also be used to grow edible plants such as herbs, fruits and vegetables. Some plant holders are equipped with growth lamps to provide plants with the nutrients and light they need to grow indoors.

    In short, plant carriers are a great way to add greenery and life to any space, while providing support for plants and making them look more attractive.

    Here are some European manufacturers of plant carriers, which offer a variety of models and styles:

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