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    Cream siphon - Mixers and blenders

    A cream and foam siphon, also known as espuma siphon, is a kitchen appliance designed to create light foams, whipped creams, espumas and other aerial preparations. These siphons are commonly used in professional and domestic cooking to make desserts, aerial sauces, vegetable espumas, and much more.

    Cream and foam siphons offer great versatility in the kitchen, creating foamy, light and creative textures for a variety of sweet and savory dishes.

    Some well-known European manufacturers of cream traps and foams include:

    iSi (Austria): iSi is a world-renowned Austrian brand in the field of cream siphons and foams. They offer a wide

    Mastrad -  - Cream Siphon

    Kitchen Siphon Complies with the NFD21-901-2013-Sauces standard, creams, whipped creams, fruit or ...

    ISI - mt672046 - Cream Siphon

    This siphon, of professional quality, is specially designed for the production of hot or cold ...

    2 déclinaisons

    144 € approx.
    Yoko design - siphon 250 ml aluminium brossé - Cream Siphon
    Yoko design

    Light preparations like air! The siphon makes it possible to make sweet or salty mousses, espumas, ...

    37.90 € approx.
    ISI - mt672044 - Cream Siphon

    This siphon, of professional quality, is specially designed for the production of hot or cold ...

    3 déclinaisons

    112.50 € approx.
    ISI - mt044176 - Cream Siphon

    This professional-quality cream siphon is specially designed for cold, salty or sweet preparations ...

    2 déclinaisons

    111.60 € approx.
    EASY MAKE -  - Cream Siphon

    Déal to make whipped creams, espumas or emulsions, with its brushed aluminum container with a ...

    24.95 € approx.
    SIPHON LISS -  - Cream Siphon

    The professional whipped cream traps all stainless steel LISS allow you to use both cold and hot ...

    Price upon request
    KAYSER -  - Cream Siphon
    ... range of high quality siphons for professional and home use.

    Mosa (Netherlands): Mosa is a Dutch company specialized in the manufacture of culinary siphons. Their products are valued for their reliability and efficiency.

    Kaiser (Germany): Kaiser is a well-established German brand in the kitchen utensils sector. They produce high quality cream and foam siphons.

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