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    Cooktop - Cookers

    A cooking piano, also known as a gas stove or induction stove, is a high-end kitchen appliance that combines a hob and oven in a self-contained unit.

    Cooking Piano Styles:

    Classic Cooking Piano: Classic cooking pianos have a traditional design that evokes an ancient aesthetic. They are often made of high quality stainless steel, cast iron, brass and enamel. These models incorporate gas burners, convection ovens and elaborate details such as brass knobs and porcelain handles.

    Contemporary Cooking Piano: Contemporary cooking pianos feature a sleek, modern design. They are often made of stainless steel, black glass or ceramic. These models

    La Cornue - le château 150 - Cooktop
    le château 150

    Piano equipped with two combined gas and electricity vault ovens and two large storage drawers that ...

    Price upon request
    AGA - raspberry - Cooktop

    AGA cookers are now available in a new colour: FRAMBOISE. Available on all AGA electric cast iron ...

    19.25 € approx.
    Glem gas -  - Cooktop

    Top of cuisson Dimensions W x h x D : 90 x 92 x 60 cm 5 foyers gaz


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    Les Specialistes

    La Cornue AGA Glem gas
    ... include induction cooktops, convection ovens, and intuitive electronic controls.

    Professional cooking piano: These models are designed for professional cooks and cooking enthusiasts. They usually have powerful cooktops, sturdy cast iron grills and accurate convection ovens. Professional cooking pianos often have multiple high-intensity burners and precise controls.

    Renowned European manufacturers of cooking pianos:

    La Cornue: This French brand is famous for its luxury handmade cooking pianos. La Cornue models are known for their exceptional aesthetics, cooking performance and customization.

    AGA: AGA is a British company renowned for its iconic cooking pianos. Their gas models offer uniform cooking and a classic aesthetic.

    Smeg: Smeg, an Italian brand, offers a range of contemporary cooking pianos with gas hobs, induction hobs and customization options.

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