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    Kitchen Equipment
    Cooking of yesterday, today or tomorrow...the kitchen evolves and metamorphoses relentlessly to suit our lifestyles. 
    Gone are the 19th century bourgeois flats where the kitchen was relegated to the end of the corridor, opposite the reception rooms. Since the 1970s, the "American-style" kitchen has been decompartmentalised to become one with the living room.  Kitchen and dining areas are getting closer together and merging. The bar and now the central island mark the only boundary between the kitchen and the living room. This piece of furniture serves both as a worktop and a dining table where you can entertain in total relaxation.
    Efficient extractor hoods, silent dishwashers, technological progress in reducing noise and odour nuisance in the kitchen have made this opening possible. However, this upheaval in the home can be explained above all by social factors. It is no longer a question of isolating oneself to prepare meals. We want to cook while discussing and supervising the children's homework. It's a convivial moment where even friends are involved.
    The kitchen has been transformed from
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    ... a purely functional space into a living room that no longer has to be ashamed of its appearance. Stylish and sophisticated, it is no different from the rest of the house. The kitchen designers have been able to meet this new decorative requirement. Design, industrial or country, all trends are represented.
    In the designer and contemporary fitted kitchen, everything is hidden behind unified fronts. Refrigerator, washing machine... and other unsightly equipment disappear, integrated into the kitchen furniture. Only a few elements remain visible: the sink, the oven, which is often built into the wall, and the hob. The glass ceramic hobs blend in well with the uncluttered style of the ensemble. In terms of materials, we like the shine of the black or red lacquer, whether or not it is juxtaposed with the matt finish of the wood.
    The stainless steel kitchen is ideal for industrial loft-style interiors. Similar to a professional kitchen, it appeals to kitchen enthusiasts who can play the role of a great chef. The top-of-the-range appliances are not hidden but exposed. The cooking piano with hobs combining gas, electricity or grill and several oven compartments is a must. For the cold, the American refrigerator remains a sure value. The cookware hangs on racks and the knives on bars.
    In an opposite style, the retro and country kitchen is still just as popular. Warm and welcoming, it perfectly matches the idea of a kitchen at the heart of the house where various activities are juxtaposed as in the farms of yesteryear. Here there is no fully equipped kitchen. Pantry, cupboard and crockery are all picked out to be used as kitchen furniture. The furniture of trades are diverted. The butcher's block becomes a work surface. The old-style cookers are making a big comeback. Faced with this demand, several brands are reissuing old models by bringing in modern technology.
    And the kitchen of tomorrow? What will it look like? Ecological, high-tech and compact will probably be its main characteristics. This is the result of the project initiated by the VLA where designers and industrialists have been thinking about the near future of our kitchen.

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