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    Ink drawing - Works on paper

    Ink drawing is an artistic technique that uses ink as the main medium for creating images.

    This technique is widely used in art and has a number of distinct characteristics:

    Medium: The ink used can be of different types, such as Indian ink, drawing ink or acrylic ink. Each type of ink offers different qualities in terms of fluidity, opacity and drying.
    Lines and strokes: Ink drawing is often characterised by the use of precise, detailed lines. Artists use ink pens, nibs, fine brushes or markers to create sharp outlines, hatching, patterns and textures.
    Contrast: The black ink used creates

    Estudio Mariscal - sillas 2 - Ink Drawing
    Estudio Mariscal

    70*50 cm

    3500 € approx.
    J.L L'ATELIER - le homard européen - Ink Drawing
    le homard européen

    Original print numbered and signed  Thirty copies. Glass and kraft. Hooks on the back of the ...

    J.L L'ATELIER - les oursins - Ink Drawing

    Original print numbered and signed Thirty copies. Glass and kraft. Hooks on the back of the frame, ...


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    Les Specialistes

    Estudio Mariscal KETHEVANE CELLARD J.L L'ATELIER GALERIE MARGUERITE SABATINA LECCIA Xavier d'Andeville Héraldiste Keith Siddle
    KETHEVANE CELLARD -  - Ink Drawing

    Untitled Impossible Figure Walnut Shaped (2020) Ink on Arches paper 30.31 x 22.83 in / 77 x 58 cm

    Price upon request
    SABATINA LECCIA - entre ciel et terre - Ink Drawing

    Ink and pierced paper on Bristol paper 20x30cm 2017

    Price upon request
    GALERIE MARGUERITE - eté 2021 - Ink Drawing
    eté 2021

    Designer : Sylvie Bulcourt

    These subjects are treated in black and white, then embellished with a few touches of colour, ...

    140 € approx.
    SABATINA LECCIA -  - Ink Drawing

    ink on Canson paper 20x30cm 2107

    Price upon request
    La Tour Camoufle - femme nue - Ink Drawing
    La Tour Camoufle

    . Drawing Ink from China by Theodore van

    Price upon request
    Xavier d'Andeville Héraldiste - dessin infographie - Ink Drawing
    Xavier d'Andeville Héraldiste

    Designer : Xavier d'Andeville

    Price upon request
    Xavier d'Andeville Héraldiste - dessin à la plume - Ink Drawing
    Xavier d'Andeville Héraldiste

    Designer : Xavier d'Andeville

    Price upon request
    Keith Siddle - have we met? - Ink Drawing
    Keith Siddle

    Etching - Limited edition print Edition size / 30 Image size: 320mm x 260mm

    Price upon request
    Galerie Emeric Hahn - paysage à la cascade - Ink Drawing
    Galerie Emeric Hahn

    Designer : Sobeck

    Sébastien Louis Guillaume NORBLIN DE LA GOURDAINE called Sobeck Warsaw, 1796 - Paris 1884 Landscape ...

    500 € approx.
    Galerie Emeric Hahn -  - Ink Drawing
    Galerie Emeric Hahn

    Designer : Paul DARDÉ

    Paul DARDÉ (Olmet 1888 - Lodève 1963) Fur-hooded woman's head. Signed Paul Dardé Sculptor Feather, ...

    Price upon request
    ... a strong contrast between the black areas and the non-inked parts of the drawing, which can give a striking, graphic look to the work.
    Opacity: Depending on the type of ink used, the ink can be transparent or opaque. Traditional Indian ink is often opaque, while other inks can be more transparent, allowing layers to be superimposed and tonal values to be played with.
    Precision and patience: Drawing in ink often requires precision and patience, as it is difficult to erase or correct mistakes once the ink has been applied. Artists therefore need to plan their drawings and master their strokes from the outset.
    Variety of styles: Ink drawing can be used to create realistic illustrations, quick sketches, abstract designs or more expressive drawings. Artists can explore a wide variety of styles using ink as a medium.
    Shading techniques: Artists often use shading techniques with ink, such as hatching, stippling, washing or shading, to create effects of volume, texture and depth.
    Media: Ink drawing can be done on a variety of media such as paper, card, tracing paper or fabric. Some special media are designed specifically for ink, offering good absorption and a smooth surface for optimum rendering.
    Ink drawing is appreciated for its sharpness, precision and distinctive graphic rendering. It is used in many artistic fields, such as illustration, comics, conceptual art, calligraphy and many others. 

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