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    Sliding gate - Gates and entrances

    A sliding gate is a structure that allows for the closure and opening of access to a property or space by sliding horizontally along a track. Unlike swing gates, a sliding gate does not require clearance space in front of it to open, making it an ideal option for properties with limited space.

    Sliding gates can be made from various materials such as metal, aluminum, wood, or PVC. They can be designed in different styles, from traditional to modern, and offer customization options such as patterns, finishes, and colors.

    Here are some renowned European manufacturers of sliding gates:

    1. Came -

    Cadiou - samzun - Sliding Gate

    The Samzun gate, with its vertical decoration offset from the upright, will be the highlight of your ...

    Price upon request
    Cadiou - plouguerneau - Sliding Gate

    With the Plouguerneau gate, you will combine security and aesthetics. Indeed, its solid filling will ...

    Price upon request
    Cadiou - walig - Sliding Gate

    Let your creativity shine through on the double decor of the Walig gate. More than 60 designs and ...

    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    Cadiou Charuel La Maison du portail ROY OCÉWOOD
    Cadiou - lara - Sliding Gate

    The Lara model combines the nobility of wood with the durability of aluminium. With its wood- ...

    Price upon request
    Cadiou - azereg - Sliding Gate

    No need to choose between originality and modernity, when you can have both with the Azereg sliding ...

    Price upon request
    Cadiou - karantan - Sliding Gate

    A solid, straight, design and solid aluminium gate! Its contemporary appearance with its extra-wide ...

    2 déclinaisons

    Price upon request
    Cadiou - madina - Sliding Gate

    Why hesitate between privacy and light if you can have both? With the Madina gate, you won't have to ...

    Price upon request
    Cadiou - lian - Sliding Gate

    The success of this aluminium gate model is due to its 130x25 mm louvered slats which preserve your ...

    Price upon request
    Cadiou - célina - Sliding Gate

    Contemporary Aluminium Range, This is not an optical illusion! Célina is an open aluminum portal ...

    Price upon request
    Cadiou - argoat - Sliding Gate

    aluminium sliding gate.

    Price upon request
    Cadiou - eben - Sliding Gate

    A timeless one that doesn't lose its charm! With the Eben portal, there's no chance of getting it ...

    Price upon request
    Cadiou - kartenn - Sliding Gate

    The portal with "Kartenn" (which means "map" in Breton) decoration is a portal with laser cutting ...

    Price upon request
    OCÉWOOD - océwood- - Sliding Gate

    Original boreal basalt-coloured sliding portal, new york decorative blades. From 2437 euros. ...

    Price upon request
    La Maison du portail -  - Sliding Gate
    La Maison du portail
    Price upon request
    ROY - arneva - Sliding Gate

    A controlled degree of privacy with a high, resolutely modern slatted opening - a real tour de force ...

    Price upon request
    Charuel - noctua - Sliding Gate

    Our Noctua aluminium gate is a guarantee of Charuel's custom-made design. It consists of 120 mm ...

    Price upon request
    PORTALUX - baralu 5070  - Sliding Gate

    Baralu 5070 motorized sliding, full-service gate delivered fully equipped with rack, ground rail, ...

    Price upon request
    ... Italy Came is an Italian company specializing in automation systems for gates and doors. They offer a range of motorized sliding gates with advanced technological solutions. Website:

  • Hörmann - Germany Hörmann is a reputable German manufacturer known for its high-quality doors and gates. They provide durable and elegant sliding gates available in a variety of materials and finishes. Website:

  • BFT - Italy BFT is an Italian manufacturer specializing in automation systems for gates and doors. Their sliding gates are known for their reliability and user-friendliness. Website:

  • Nice - Italy Nice is a leading Italian company in home and building automation solutions. Their sliding gates offer high-quality performance and a wide range of customization options. Website:

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