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    Portico - Architectural elements

    An architectural portal is a structure composed of columns or pillars supporting a roof or an architrave. It is often used to create a monumental entrance or a covered gallery. Portals can be found in various architectural styles, such as classical architecture, neoclassical architecture, Romanesque architecture, Gothic architecture, and more.

    The characteristic elements of an architectural portal include:

    Columns or pillars: They support the structure and can be of different shapes and styles, such as Doric, Ionic, Corinthian columns, or square pillars.

    Architrave: It is the horizontal part resting on the columns or pillars. It typically consists of an architrave

    ... (lower part), frieze (middle part), and cornice (upper part).

    Pediment: It is usually located above the architrave and can have different shapes, such as triangular, curvilinear, or segmental. It is often adorned with sculptures or decorative motifs.

    Architrave: It is the lower part of the architrave that directly rests on the columns. It can be decorated with carved friezes or inscriptions.

    Frieze: It is the middle part of the architrave that is usually decorated with sculptures, reliefs, or other ornamental motifs.

    Architectural portals are widely used in monumental architecture, such as temples, palaces, churches, museums, and public buildings. They add an aesthetic and imposing dimension to the structure and can serve as a focal point or majestic entrance.

    Here are some European manufacturers of architectural portals:

    1. Renson:
    2. Arcora:
    3. Norma Architectural:
    4. Cistermiser:
    5. Metalco Architectural Products:
    6. Brüggemann Holzbau:
    7. ABC Structures:

    These manufacturers offer a variety of architectural portals, whether in wood, metal, or other materials, with customization options to meet specific project needs.

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