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    Mosaic reproduction - Inlaid work and Mosaics

    The reproduction of mosaics is a process that involves recreating an existing mosaic or creating a new mosaic inspired by an original design. Mosaic reproductions can be done for various reasons, such as restoring damaged ancient mosaics, creating replicas for museum exhibitions, or interior decoration.

    Here are some general steps involved in reproducing a mosaic:

    • Study of the original design: The first step is to carefully study the original mosaic design that you want to reproduce. This includes observing the patterns, colors, materials used, and laying techniques.

    • Preparation of the drawing: A precise drawing of the mosaic is created either

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    ... by faithfully reproducing it or by adapting the original pattern according to the project requirements.

  • Selection of materials: Appropriate materials for the mosaic reproduction are chosen, such as glass tiles, enamels, ceramics, or pieces of stone. Colors and textures are carefully selected to recreate the appearance and style of the original mosaic.

  • Cutting the tesserae: The tesserae, which are small pieces of materials used for the mosaic, are cut into appropriate shapes and sizes according to the prepared drawing. This can be done manually or with specific tools.

  • Laying the tesserae: The tesserae are glued to a suitable surface, such as plywood or cement board, following the prepared drawing. Special attention is given to alignment, spacing, and secure fixation of the tesserae.

  • Grouting: Once all the tesserae are in place, grouting is done by filling the spaces between the tesserae with mortar or colored grout. This helps strengthen the mosaic and create a uniform finish.

  • Finishing and protection: Once the grouting is dry, the mosaic surface is cleaned, polished, and protected with an appropriate sealer to ensure durability and resistance to weather or wear.

  • It should be noted that reproducing mosaics can be a complex process that requires specialized skills. There are artisans and companies specialized in mosaic reproduction that can be hired to carry out such projects, ensuring the use of traditional techniques and preserving the artistic integrity of the original mosaic.

    Here are some mosaic manufacturers in different countries with their websites:

    1. Sicis (Italy):

    2. Mosaïque Surface (France):

    3. Bisazza (Italy):

    4. Mosa (Netherlands):

    5. Mosaico+ (Italy):

    6. Original Style (United Kingdom):

    7. Ezarri (Spain):

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