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    High relief - Architectural elements

    High relief is a sculptural technique used to create patterns in relief that stand out significantly from the base surface, but retain a certain depth. In high relief, the carved forms project to about half or two-thirds of their total volume. Here is some more information about high relief:

    • Characteristics: In high relief, the carved forms are sharply defined and detached from the base surface, creating a sense of depth and relief. The details are usually finer and the carved elements can be seen from different angles. The back parts of the sculpture are often hollowed out to reduce

    Genevieve Bonieux - le jugement de pâris - High Relief
    Genevieve Bonieux

    Designer : Genevieve Bonieux

    This high relief is made of real candy and plastic dolls, immortalized in resin. 100 x 100 cm Unique ...

    2500 € approx.
    ... and improve perspective.

  • Use: High relief has been used in art and architecture since antiquity. It can be found in monumental sculptures, decorative friezes, basilicas and memorials. High relief can be used to depict historical scenes, human figures, animals, floral motifs, religious symbols and many other subjects.

  • Carving techniques: High relief carving can be done using a variety of techniques. Sculptors can work directly on a block of material, such as stone or wood, carving and sculpting the shapes to create the relief. Modern techniques, such as sculpting in plaster or clay, can also be used to make models which are then reproduced in stone, bronze or other materials.

  • Famous artists: Many famous artists have created works in high relief throughout the history of art. Some of the most famous examples are the friezes of the Parthenon in Athens by Phidias, the bas-reliefs of the Gate of Paradise by Ghiberti in Florence, and the high relief sculptures of Rodin, which influenced the modern sculpture movement.

  • The art of high relief continues to be practiced today, whether in contemporary artistic contexts or in the preservation and restoration of historical works.

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