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    Wood saturator - Moisturisers and humidifiers

    The saturator is a product used to protect and beautify outdoor woods, such as terraces, siding, fences and garden furniture.

    Unlike a paint or varnish, the saturator penetrates the wood to nourish it deeply and form a protective layer invisible on the surface. This helps to preserve the natural beauty of wood while protecting it from external aggressions such as water, UV, mould and insects.

    Examples of well-known European manufacturers of saturators include:

    Liberon (France): Liberon is a French brand specialized in protective and finishing products for wood, including saturators.

    Bondex (Germany): Bondex is a German brand that offers a

    CECIL -  - Wood Saturator
    Price upon request
    ... wide range of protective products for wood, including saturators.

    Owatrol (France): Owatrol is a French company known for its wood treatment and preservation products, including saturators.

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