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    Bathroom duckboard - Showers & Accessoires

    A bathroom grating is an accessory that can be used to cover the floor with a shower, sauna or other bathroom space where water can accumulate. It is generally made of wood or synthetic material and has holes to allow water to flow easily.

    Here are some manufacturers of bathroom grating:

    Paragraph: offers teak or acacia wood grating for a natural atmosphere in the bathroom.

    Aquatica: offers slats in natural stone or exotic wood, suitable for showers, bathtubs and saunas.

    Lapeyre: offers wooden grating for a warm atmosphere, as well as resin models for greater water resistance.

    Leroy Merlin: offers

    ... wood or composite grating as well as PVC models for easy and fast installation.

    Nicoll: offers rigid PVC grating, suitable for walk-in showers and easy to cut for custom installation.

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