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    Portable barbecue - Barbecue

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     Nomadic, disposable or table barbecue, different names to define an object: the portable barbecue. Wherever you are and whenever you want, there is no excuse for not having some grilled food.    The different types of portable barbecues As with traditional barbecues, there are different ways to power your portable barbecue. For a 100% modern use of the portable barbecue, opt for electric. Plugged in with an extension cord, you won't be able to move it all the time but you can use it all year round. No start-up ritual since it is enough to connect it to ...


    RS Barcelona
    XD Design
    Don Hierro -  - Portable Barbecue


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    NOUVEL -  - Portable Barbecue

    The modern barbecue fun is guarantory you a steak delicuos, fish, chicken or vegtebales.

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    WHITE LABEL - barbecue pliant slim transportable deco maison ust - Portable Barbecue
    72 € approx.
    ... the mains. Cooking is controlled at the touch of a button. It is therefore easy and practical. This mini grill is often used as a table barbecue, an opportunity to discover a new format of conviviality. The portable charcoal barbecue is the closest to the flavours of a traditional barbecue. A little long to start (allow half an hour), you only need to have blocks or a fire starter gel to start it. The most complicated thing then remains to be done: check the cooking carefully for a perfect tasting!  For those who are reluctant to head for the portable barbecue, try the gas barbecue. More cumbersome than the two previous ones, and working with propane or butane, it will remind you of the joys of carrying gas bottles. Perfect temperature reached in 5 minutes and fast cooking guaranteed. It can be placed on a table or on a trolley with wheels. It remains the most expensive option.    The portable barbecue: the leader in aesthetics The major advantage of this mobile cooker, in addition to the fact that it can accompany you everywhere, is its packaging. Much more than a kitchen tool, it has become a real trendy accessory. With its original colours ranging from pastel blue to fushia pink, or its atypical shapes resembling a picnic basket, cooler or miniature barbecue, it is the highlight of your summer outings. With the help of a handle, on wheels or foldable, the portable barbecue will make you live beautiful moments of sharing far from your daily life.     

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