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    The climate on a terrace or a balcony is significantly different to that of a garden. The wind and blows stronger and the sun is more intense. The lattices on walls, embroidered in green foliage will diminish the reverberation of sun light.  Set up wind breakers with reed fencing, trellises or pergolas covered in climbing plants which are wonderful in this case. On free form terraces or balconies, often long narrow and cramped, it is possible to change the perspective or create a change with flower pots, and flower boxes, with jars or urns , Medici vases or even topiaries, creating a point of relaxation.

    The pleasure of a garden is to rediscover naps, in the shade of a mighty oak, swaying in a swinging chair, or a hammock, comfortably resting in a lounger, or a deck chair. The art in resting is also the art of meditating on a garden bench, quietly beside a well. The garden is a place for sharing and caring.Outdoor cooking is easy with a barbeque which are becoming evermore complete. Around a

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    ... garden table, besides a garden arbour or in the shade of a summer house, breakfasts are the most enjoyable pleasures of summer.

    You can give a given style to your garden; create a surprise, a dream, or even mirage, without turning it into a park. Dare putting sculptures, fountains, antique statues, obelisks or simply a whether vane. How wonderful it is to be overwhelmed by emotion, to be taken into the nostalgia of the past, to marvel in the simple pleasures of beauty in one’s garden.

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