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    Beach sheleter - Shelters and summer houses

    A beach shelter is a small, portable structure, often made of fabric, that provides protection from the sun and wind on the beach. Beach shelters are also known as beach tents or beach umbrellas.

    Beach shelters are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, often with carry bags included. They are also easy to install and disassemble, with foldable frames and simple fixtures. They are often equipped with stakes to anchor them firmly in the sand.

    Beach shelters can vary in size, from small beach umbrellas to larger tents that can accommodate multiple people. They are available in a

    SO DIFFUSION -  - Beach Sheleter

    A shelter from the sun with an aerodynamic design for excellent stability even in strong winds!

    79.90 € approx.
    TRIGANO CAMPING -  - Beach Sheleter

    Special beach shelter... Beach shelter with automatic installation dimensions 2.20 x 1.30 m. Ideal

    ... variety of colors and designs to suit everyone’s aesthetic preferences.

    Beach shelters provide protection from the sun’s UV rays, reduce exposure to the wind and create a shady space to rest and cool down on the beach. They are also useful for storing personal items, such as towels, sunscreens, drinks and snacks.

    In short, a beach shelter is a lightweight and easy-to-carry portable structure that provides protection from the sun and wind on the beach. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs, and offer UV protection from the sun, creating a shady space to rest and store personal items.

    Here are some European manufacturers of beach shelters, along with their country of origin and website:

    1. Plaage (France):
    2. Strandzelt (Germany):
    3. Spiaggia (Italy):
    4. BeachTent (Netherlands):
    5. Beach Shelter (United Kingdom):

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