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    Faux wood finish - Imitations

    Fake wood is a technique used to create the appearance of wood on surfaces that are not actually made of wood. It involves a realistic imitation of the grain, texture, and color of natural wood.

    Fake wood is commonly used in various interior and exterior decoration applications, such as furniture cladding, architectural elements, flooring, moldings, and accessories. It offers a more cost-effective and sustainable alternative to natural wood, while providing great flexibility in terms of colors and patterns.

    Here are some renowned European manufacturers of fake wood products:

    1. Arstyl (Belgium) - Arstyl offers a range of polyurethane products that mimic

    atelier de peinture décorative -  - Faux Wood Finish
    atelier de peinture décorative

    In a mansion, Empire-style library, imitation of mahogany and magnifying glass wood enhanced by ...

    Price upon request
    Atelier De L'Ecluse - acajou - Faux Wood Finish
    Atelier De L'Ecluse
    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    atelier de peinture décorative Atelier De L'Ecluse
    Atelier De L'Ecluse - noyer - Faux Wood Finish
    Atelier De L'Ecluse
    Price upon request
    sandrine takacs decors -  - Faux Wood Finish
    sandrine takacs decors

    Imitation of all types of wood on walls, doors, furniture...

    Price upon request
    ... wood, such as beams, wall panels, and moldings. Their products are known for their realistic appearance and durability.

  • Wood U Feel (France) - Wood U Feel is a French manufacturer specialized in fake wood coverings. Their products include flooring, wall panels, and furniture, providing an aesthetic and eco-friendly alternative to natural wood.

  • Fake Wood (United Kingdom) - Fake Wood offers a wide range of fake wood products, including flooring, paneling, and furniture. Their products are made from durable materials and designed to faithfully reproduce the appearance of wood.

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