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    Pagoda - Huts and gazebos

    A pagoda is a typically Asian architectural structure, used as a temple or place of Buddhist worship. It is characterized by a stepped pyramid-shaped roof, with several floors, often in odd numbers.

    Pagodas can also be used as observation or monitoring towers. The first pagodas date from the Han dynasty in China, but they have been adopted by other Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Today, pagodas are often used as tourist attractions and can be seen in gardens, parks and other public spaces around the world.

    Thierry GERBER - jt078 - Pagoda
    Thierry GERBER

    Japanese Stupa of Kyoto , in granite , Momoyama period (1573-1603)

    Price upon request
    Abat Jour Création - miyako hexa - Pagoda
    Abat Jour Création
    miyako hexa

    A classic lampshade, the Miyako hexagonal pagoda is made from beautiful chintz with a gold interior. ...


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