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    Pull out hood - Extractor hoods

    A telescopic extractor hood is a kitchen appliance designed to eliminate smoke, odors and grease generated during cooking. This type of hood is usually built into a cabinet above the stove and can be retracted when not in use, allowing it to be elegantly concealed in the kitchen. 

    Key Features:

    Retractability: The most distinctive feature of telescopic extractor hoods is their ability to be retracted when not in use, making them discreet and barely visible in the kitchen.

    Suction power: Like all extractor hoods, they are available in a range of suction powers to suit different kitchen sizes and cooking

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    Integrated lighting: Most telescopic extractor hoods are equipped with integrated lighting to illuminate the cooking area.

    Filters: They are usually equipped with washable grease filters and activated charcoal filters to eliminate odors.


    Telescopic Slide-Out: This style is the most common. The hood is hidden in a cabinet above the range and can be pulled out when necessary. It can be mounted under a hanging cabinet or in a built-in hood.

    Telescopic Pop-Up: These hoods rise vertically from the worktop when you need them, then retract inside when not in use. They offer a very discreet and elegant solution.

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