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    Aigrette - Jewelry

    The egret, also known as a feather cap or toque, is a fashion accessory traditionally adorned with feathers of exotic birds, including tropical bird egrets. However, due to growing concerns about species conservation, the use of real bird feathers has become controversial and illegal in many countries.

    Egret styles:

    Traditional egrets: Traditional egrets were once made with real feathers of exotic birds, such as heron egrets. They were often worn as elegant headdresses for special occasions.

    Synthetic feather egrets: To avoid the use of real bird feathers, many egrets are now made from high quality synthetic feathers that mimic the

    ... appearance of natural feathers.

    Recycled Feather Egrets: Some fashion designers use ethically sourced recycled feathers to create unique and durable egrets.

    European manufacturers of egrets:

    Philip Treacy (UK): Philip Treacy is a world-renowned British fashion designer and hatter. It is famous for its extravagant hats and hairstyles, some of which are adorned with spectacular egrets and feathers.

    Yvette Jelfs (UK): Yvette Jelfs is a British hat designer specializing in wedding and ceremonial hairstyles, some of which are embellished with egrets and feathers.

    Nina Rai (France): Nina Rai is a French hat designer who offers elegant creations, including feather, fabric and pearl hairstyles.

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