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    Building Restoration - Houses

    Façade restoration is a process of renovating and rehabilitating the exterior appearance of a building, especially its façade. This may involve repairing damage, cleaning, overhauling or even completely renovating the facade.

    Here are the typical steps involved in the restoration of a facade:

    Initial assessment: Prior to commencing the restoration, a thorough assessment of the condition of the façade is conducted. This may include visual inspection, moisture testing, testing of materials used, and evaluation of existing damage. This step determines the necessary work and establishes a restoration plan.

    Preparation of the site: Before starting the work, the site is prepared

    Houghtons Of York - derby arboretum - Building Restoration
    Houghtons Of York
    Price upon request
    Les Jardins d'Antan -  - Building Restoration
    Les Jardins d'Antan

    Massive stone crenellated tOur sold with detailed footprint footprint: 8 meters

    Price upon request
    ... by protecting the surrounding areas, installing scaffolding or secured platforms, and taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety of workers and building occupants.

    Repair of damage: Existing damage on the facade, such as cracks, paint detachments, water infiltration, deteriorated elements, are repaired. This may involve masonry work, replacement of damaged bricks or stones, cracking and structural reinforcement if necessary.

    Surface cleaning: The facade is cleaned to remove dirt, mould, pollution or graffiti. Different cleaning techniques can be used depending on the materials of the facade, such as high pressure cleaning, sandblasting, chemical cleaning or dry cleaning.

    Facade remodeling: This step involves applying a new topcoat to the facade to improve its aesthetic appearance and protect the materials. This may include the application of a specific coating, paint, plaster, stone coating or other coatings.

    Finish and protection: Once the facade has been finished, finishes can be applied to improve the durability and weatherresistance of the facade. This may include applying a water repellent coating, UV protection, special paint or other preservative treatments.

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