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    Interior Architecture / Renovation

    Youd’ like a change of decor or more space? Whatever the reason for renovating your home, you can do it without too much hassle or spending a fortune.  Here are a few tips to help you.

    A light face-lift is often enough to give the impression of having a brand new house. If you feel a little lost or lack inspiration, a decoration coach is the solution for you. The boom in decoration has made this sector of professionals more accessible. A simple visit, at about 150 euros per hour, will leave you with a host of good ideas.  The decorator will suggest what changes you can make: a new colour scheme, how to rearrange the furniture, what you should replace first, etc. Then all you need to do is follow their excellent advice.

    You want more space? Old houses and flats don’t always correspond to our contemporary life style. We prefer open-plan interior architect is often necessary, particularly for determining load-bearing walls. In old buildings, a lot of walls that were originally only partitions become

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    ... load-bearing with time and removing them can bring the building down! If there is a problem, the architect’s insurance will look after the consequences. To destroy a load-bearing wall in complete safety, the expertise of a structural engineer offers the best guarantee. He is the most competent when it comes to designing the steel member (channel or universal beam section) needed to reinforce the structure.

    Even if we’d love to have large volumes, it's not always possible and we sometimes have to find other solutions to fit everyone in and accommodate their particular needs.  Creating an extra room then becomes a necessity. Once you have found where to put it, nothing could be simpler. Dry or wet walls? Dry walls are the easiest to install. They can be erected in just a couple of days without a builder or carpenter. Plasterboard is a better choice than cellular panels which don’t provide sound or heat insulation. Another alternative is the Fermacell fibre-reinforced gypsum board or plant-fibre reinforced clay board.  These are not only environment-friendly but also energy-efficient. Replacing part of the structure with glass panels will makes it visually more attractive and increase the volume by adding light. The other advantage is that using a metal frame will create a very stylish industrial look.

    You want to create more space and not chop it into pieces? That is the obvious advantage of having an individual home. Rather than a traditional renovating now!

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