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    Bonheur du jour - Desks & Tables

    Happiness of the day, takes its name from the way it can bring happiness and satisfaction to those who use it, thanks to its practical functionality and charming aesthetic. There are a variety of styles and models of daytime happiness available on the market, ranging from traditional designs to more contemporary options.

    A daybed is a small piece of furniture, usually used as a desk or writing table. It is often placed against a wall and has a main shelf for working, as well as drawers and storage compartments for organising office supplies and other items. Here are some typical

    ARTCOPI -  - Bonheur Du Jour
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    Antiquité-Brocante de la Loire - bureau à gradins - Bonheur Du Jour
    Antiquité-Brocante de la Loire

    LP-style desk in mahogany.

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    ... characteristics of a daybed:

    Compact size: The Happiness of the Day is designed to fit into small spaces, such as bedrooms or small offices. It has a lightweight and compact structure, making it easy to place in any room.

    Main tray: The happiness of the day has a spacious main tabletop that offers enough space to write, work on a laptop or perform other tasks. It's usually flat and smooth for comfortable working.

    Drawers and compartments: The happiness of the day is equipped with built-in drawers and storage compartments. These allow you to store office supplies such as pens, notebooks, envelopes and other essentials within easy reach.

    Elegant and decorative: The happiness of the day is often made from quality materials, such as wood, and can be adorned with decorative details such as carved motifs, inlays or trimmings. It adds a touch of elegance and style to the space in which it is placed.

    Versatility: Although daybed furniture is mainly used as a desk or writing table, it can also be used as a work surface for creative activities such as drawing, painting or sewing.

    Here are a few well-known manufacturers in the field:

    Maison Sarah Lavoine: Maison Sarah Lavoine is a French brand of top-of-the-range furniture and interior design. Their daily pleasures are distinguished by their elegant design, refined finishes and choice of quality materials.

    La Redoute: La Redoute is a French brand offering a wide range of products for the home, including affordable and stylish bonheur du jour. Their designs are often contemporary and adapt to different decorating styles.

    Maisons du Monde: Maisons du Monde is a chain of shops specialising in furniture and interior design. They offer a varied selection of everyday goodies in different styles, from the most traditional to the most modern.

    Gautier: Gautier is a French manufacturer of contemporary furniture. Their bonheur du jour pieces feature clean lines, meticulous finishes and practical functionality.

    Roche Bobois : Roche Bobois is an internationally renowned brand specialising in top-of-the-range furniture and interior design. Their bonheur du jour products stand out for their modern aesthetic, quality materials and craftsmanship. 

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