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    Butcher block - Chopping blocks & stands

    A butcher block, also known as a butcher block or butcher’s board, is a sturdy work surface used primarily in professional and domestic kitchens for cutting, preparing and slicing food.

    Butcher Log Styles:

    Traditional butcher’s block:

    Traditional butcher’s logs are often made of solid wood, such as beech, oak, or maple. They have a smooth and durable work surface and are usually thick to resist cuts and scratches.
    Butcher block with juice groove:

    Some butcher’s logs are equipped with a peripheral groove that allows the collection of meat and vegetable juices to facilitate cleaning and preparation.
    Multi-level butcher block:


    CHABRET - philmoine design - Butcher Block

    Designer : Philimoine Design

    Billot designed by Philippe Moine for Ets BEAL in 2010, charming wood ball, stainless steel base, ...

    Au Nain Couteliers -  - Butcher Block
    Au Nain Couteliers
    Price upon request
    LES BILLOTS DE SOLOGNE - petit plot - Butcher Block

    Professional butcher's log in solid charm 15 cm thick, wood assembly end, surrounded by a brushed ...

    Diamond Sofa -  - Butcher Block
    Diamond Sofa

    - AISI 304 stainless steel support. - 100 mm white polyethylene block thickness. mm (LxPxH): ...

    Diamond Sofa -  - Butcher Block
    Diamond Sofa

    - AISI 304 stainless steel support. - 100 mm white polyethylene block thickness. mm (LxPxH): ...

    ... butcher logs have built-in stands or shelves for convenient storage of kitchen utensils, knives or other accessories.
    Butcher block with drawers:

    Some models of butcher logs have built-in drawers for storing knives, cutting boards and other kitchen utensils.
    Butcher’s block with wheels:

    Rolling butcher logs are equipped with lockable wheels for easy movement and storage in the kitchen.
    Reversible butcher block:

    Reversible butcher logs have a work surface on each side, allowing them to be turned over to extend their life and avoid premature wear.
    Foldable butcher block:

    Some butcher logs are foldable, making them ideal for kitchens with limited space.
    European manufacturers of renowned butcher’s logs:

    John Boos & Co. (USA, with a presence in Europe)

    Dick (Germany)

    Berkel, Italy

    Row & Sons (UK)

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