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    Wall Sink Mixer - Kitchen taps

    A wall mounted sink mixer is a type of kitchen faucet that is fixed to the wall rather than being mounted on the sink itself. This style of faucet is often used in commercial kitchens, industrial kitchens, and even in residential kitchens for a modern, uncluttered look.

    Wall mounted sink mixer styles:

    Fixed spout wall mounted sink mixer: This is a wall mounted faucet with a fixed spout that delivers a steady stream of water into the sink. This style is simple and functional, ideal for everyday use.

    Movable spout wall mounted sink mixer: This type of wall mounted mixer

    PAFFONI - light - mitigeur mural 2 trous avec façade, gold rose (lig101rose/m) - Wall Sink Mixer

    2-hole wall mitigeur with built-in recess body: Gold rose- 28 mmlet cover 175 mm. 250x100 mmbras ...

    ... is equipped with a swivel spout that can be adjusted to direct water where you need it. It offers more flexibility when cleaning or filling large containers.

    Wall mounted sink mixer with hand shower: Some wall mounted sink mixers are equipped with a retractable integrated hand shower that can be pulled towards you for more precise tasks. This facilitates rinsing the dishes or cleaning the sink.

    European manufacturers of wall mounted sink mixers:





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