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    Ratissoire - Gardening accessories

    GAMM VERT -  - Ratissoire

    This Leborgne raking is a pulling-and-pull tool particularly effective for weeding stabilized and ...

    40 € approx.
    Outils Perrin - ratissoire à tirer acier et bois - Ratissoire
    Outils Perrin

    Appearance: Color: Bordeaux (tool) Natural (handle) Hardness (steel): 130kg/mm2 Finish - Standard ( ...

    22.90 € approx.
    Outils Perrin -  - Ratissoire
    Outils Perrin
    Price upon request
    Outils Perrin - ratissoire à tirer en acier et bois 146x16cm - Ratissoire
    Outils Perrin

    The Pull Ratissoire will allow you to easily and efficiently remove tall grasses and cut the plants ...

    21.70 € approx.
    Outils Perrin - ratissoire en acier et bois à tirer 146x16cm - Ratissoire
    Outils Perrin

    Appearance: Main material: Tempered steel xc 75 (Ratissoire) Secondary materials: Hardwood (Channel) ...

    19.90 € approx.
    Botanic - à pousser 16 cm - Ratissoire
    à pousser 16 cm

    Made in France, the Devaux push ratissoire allows weeding by pushing, where other products would ...


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