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    Mushroom knife - Knives

    Mushroom knife is a type of knife specially designed for mushroom picking. This knife has a short, curved blade, often with a tapered tip to remove mushrooms from stumps and stems without damaging them.

    The handle is often made of wood or plastic, and the blade is often made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion due to moisture. Some mushroom knives also have a built-in brush to remove soil and debris from mushrooms.

    Mushroom knives are often used by mushroom picking enthusiasts, who want to harvest mushrooms efficiently while avoiding damage to other mushrooms in the area.

    However, it is

    MORAKNIV -  - Mushroom Knife

    Our Karl-Johan is your best tool for cleaning out gilled mushrooms, ceps and everything in between.

    Opinel -  - Mushroom Knife

    Mushroom Knife 8 InoxTo make it easier to pick and prepare mushrooms.

    Opinel - n°8 - Mushroom Knife

    To facilitate the picking and preparation of the mushrooms.


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    MORAKNIV Opinel
    ... important to note that picking wild mushrooms can be dangerous and requires a thorough knowledge of the different species of mushrooms to avoid toxic mushrooms.

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