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    There are several types of greenhouses, each designed to meet specific needs. Some of the most common types of greenhouses are:

    1. Cold greenhouse: an unheated greenhouse that grows plants that are resistant to low temperatures.

    2. Temperate Greenhouse: A heated greenhouse to maintain a stable temperature and allow for the cultivation of tropical and subtropical plants.

    3. Greenhouse: A highly heated greenhouse that grows exotic and tropical plants that require high temperatures.

    4. Sloping Greenhouse: A greenhouse with a sloping roof to allow rainwater to flow and maximize solar energy.

    5. Flat-roofed greenhouse: a greenhouse with a flat roof

    GAMM VERT -  - Others Locks

    This small horticultural glass greenhouse backed by Altan will allow you to work your seedlings in a ...

    GAMM VERT -  - Others Locks

    This small Altan horticultural glass greenhouse will allow you to work your seedlings in a ...

    ... to facilitate access to plants and maximize growing space.

    6. Tunnel Greenhouse: A tunnel greenhouse that allows for large-scale cultivation.

    7. Mobile greenhouse: A greenhouse on wheels that can be moved to follow the sun or change position according to crop needs.

    8. Hydroponic Greenhouse: A greenhouse that uses a soil-free system to grow plants in a nutrient solution.

    9. Passive Greenhouse: A greenhouse designed to maximize the use of solar energy without the use of additional heating or cooling.

    Here are some reputable European manufacturers of greenhouses:

    1. Juliana Greenhouses (Denmark) - Website:
    2. Palram Greenhouses (Israel, with production facilities in Europe) - Website:
    3. Vitavia Greenhouses (Germany) - Website:
    4. Halls Greenhouses (United Kingdom) - Website:

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