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    It is inevitable: dust naturally accumulates on our floors, indoors or outdoors, in our fireplaces but also on our tablecloths or furniture Every dust its vacuum cleaner On tablecloths, on furniture or in hard-to-reach places: the table cleaner or wireless Practical and light, it works on battery and is rechargeable on a base. The dust tank is easily detached for emptying in the trash can and the filters are either permanent or washable Broom vacuum cleaners: they are increasingly used because of their suction power that allows cleaning in every nook and crany. Their manoeuvrability ensures a quick and easy ...
    ... vacuum cleaner. With or without a bag? The bagless vacuum cleaner As the name suggests, it is devoid of bags. It saves real money on vacuum bags and avoids the endless search for the right bag for your model! It uses a so-called cyclonic airflow Dust is collected directly from a dedicated bin, called a tank or dust collector. To empty this tank, simply remove the bin and empty it directly into the trash can. A well-thought-out system to avoid contact with waste! Ideal for allergy sufferers! The sled vacuum cleaner is the French's favourite vacuum cleaner: 85% of us are equipped with it. It exists with bag or without a bag; In this case, it has a removable tank. The pluses: Lightened, the sled of the next generation vacuum cleaners is easier to handle. Its long electric cord ensures a wide range of action and unlimited autonomy, without loss of power. The - On a daily basis, its use is quite restrictive: you have to take it out of the closet, connect the wire ... Discouraging for a few crumbs! And then, once he's tidy, he takes up some space. So it's for you if... you are adept at the big weekly cleaning and your accommodation requires more than 30 minutes of aspiration. Do you have a floor? The ideal is to have one device per level. Robot vacuum cleaners? A brand new type of vacuum cleaner, appeared only a few years ago. The robot vacuum cleaner is an intelligent product that has aroused real enthusiasm because of its simplicity, durability and practicality. On top of that, it saves real time in all household sessions. This circular-shaped device has the power to suck everything in your place. Just snap it and let it clean on its own, the room you want. Dust, bread crumbs, hair, cat hair... these models suck everything in their path. Wireless and once activated, a robot vacuum cleaner walks through every interior room to suck all the dirt onto the floor. A virtual wall allows you to delineate the navigation perimeter if you want to clean only one particular place. Autonomous enough, this type of vacuum works with a battery, rechargeable on a product-appropriate basis. In fact, if it starts to be empty, the vacuum cleaner goes straight back to that base to recharge. In general, the duration of autonomy is around 60 and 90 minutes.

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