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    Low wall - Fences and borders

    A wall or wall is a vertical construction used to delineate a property, retain the land, protect or decorate an outdoor space. It can be constructed of various materials such as stone, concrete, cinder block, wood, wrought iron or glass.

    Walls are often used to fence a property and can be of different heights depending on the level of security or privacy desired. The walls can also be used to support climbing plants, to add a decorative touch to an outdoor space.

    Curbs are low-rise walls, usually less than 1 metre high, and are often used to delineate garden areas,

    Rouviere Collection -  - Low Wall
    Rouviere Collection

    stone walls restoring the Cevenole atmosphere of this previously restored mas.

    Price upon request
    Orsol - ..ideablok - Low Wall

    THE IDEABLOK walls are self-supporting and decorative wall blocks with an easy and fast construction ...

    Price upon request
    Beckers - rock-stone - Low Wall

    is available from our Mediterranean program as a double-sided plate. Structured posts, as ...

    Price upon request
    Maxipierre -  - Low Wall
    Price upon request
    Ced - yellow quartz stone walling - Low Wall

    100 - 300mm Thickness: 20 - 30mm approx

    Price upon request
    Numold Uk - cottage walling - Low Wall
    Numold Uk
    Price upon request
    ... hold soil or support decorative elements such as flower pots or sculptures.

    Whether it is a wall or a wall, it is important to ensure that it is built according to the rules of the art to guarantee its stability and durability.

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