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Oh! Menaje

We want to come home to the best in quality and design of tableware. This is one of the few stores where you can find everything you like. We are always at the latest! Oh! tableware, details that differentiate us from the rest and unite us with ti. Let yourself be seduced.

Brand sold by Oh! Menaje

Products of Oh! Menaje

  • Oh! Menaje - ceramica - Ceramic Knife


    Since 1944 San Ignacio offers the highest quality assurance. Introducing an amazing collection of ...

    99 € approx.
  • Oh! Menaje - rallador grueso - Cheese Scraper

      rallador grueso

    Microplane graters were firstly manufactured for carpentry and then were improved for the kitchen. ...

    27.40 € approx.
  • Oh! Menaje - porta vinos doble gris - Decanter Holder

      porta vinos doble gris

    Made from Neoprene, it makes the bottle maintain fresh if necessary. Moreover, it doesnt make frost ...

    18.65 € approx.
  • Oh! Menaje - pack de martillo + 4 tenedores - Hammer

      pack de martillo + 4 tenedores

    NUANCE Gournet hammer with 4 matching NUANCE shellfish forks are the perfect gift. Shellfish forks ...

    52.55 € approx.
  • Oh! Menaje - one touch - Jar Opener

      one touch

    Revolutionary one-touch technology makes easy work of stubborn lids. Effortless, one-touch action. ...

    26.45 € approx.
  • Oh! Menaje -  - Paper Bin

      Paper Bin

    The special feature of Push Two: You separate your trash. The inset is separated in two receptacles ...

    89.70 € approx.
  • Oh! Menaje - fresh bag azul - Refrigerated Bag

      fresh bag azul

    Fresh bag is a preserving bag in silicone specially designed for hermetically preserving solid or ...

    15 € approx.
  • Oh! Menaje - molinillo macinapepe - Salt Mill

      molinillo macinapepe

    Its design makes it a special gadget for the table if necessary. It can be used for salt or for ...

    47.20 € approx.
  • Oh! Menaje - alfa pencil envasadora - Vacuum Packing Machine

      alfa pencil envasadora

    Alfa Pencil is a new packaging system that allows domestic vacuum properly maintain nutritional and ...

    99.90 € approx.

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