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Un Esprit En Plus

Trendy lamps, bells in toasting, slates in zinc... Charm and poetry through various creative and innovative products. A spirit more this is the story of a brother and a sister. Pascale is a graduate of the Art Deco Paris, worked for 10 years in a large French company as responsible for the creation, then made the Board in artistic creation. Stéphane, meanwhile was the landscape for 20 years in Grenoble. Strong complementary experiences, their taste for the different forms of matter, their passion for the flea market, they decided to unite their skills by the launch of a spirit more in April 2002. Their main thrust, divert with boldness and elegance of simple materials in creative and aesthetic objects. This Alchemy are born sometimes ephemeral innovative products they offer today.

Ambiences & References from Un Esprit En Plus

  • Un Esprit En Plus Decorative bulb Electrics Lighting : Indoor  |
  • Un Esprit En Plus Pleated Lampshade Lampshades Lighting : Indoor  |
  • Un Esprit En Plus Decorative number Decorative letters and numbers Decorative Items  |

Products of Un Esprit En Plus

Events from Un Esprit En Plus

  • Maison & Objet Paris - September 2017 - 6 F99
  • Maison & Objet Paris - January 2017 - 6 E73
  • Maison & Objet Paris - January 2017 - 6 F99