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    Univers :  High-tech


    For you, high technology rhymes with a hostile world made of cold steel and dark touches? Don't be afraid anymore! Tactile, playful and design, high-tech can be tamed with delight. Hi-fi equipment, televisions, computers are certainly more and more powerful but above all more and more beautiful. After several decades of blushing in their ugly finery, they are exhibited like works of art and contribute to the decor. LCD televisions, always on the run for slimness, some of them as thick as 9 mm, hang on the wall like paintings. Speakers, just as flat, are adorned with customisable images. With paintings and photos printed on trans-sound textile, the sound quality does not suffer from this coquetry. The loudspeakers become sculptures, such as the Hi-Fido ceramic dog designed by Matteo Cibic. In order to inject style into their production, manufacturers call on big names in design. Stack designed Zikmu. A little technological gem, this speaker seems to swirl around like a dancer. The computer equipment, the least glamorous in appearance, has also been given a makeover. The hard disks are getting softer. ...
    MIDIPY Oregon Scientific Addex Design Samsung Spectral Loewe Hormann France

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    ... In silver at Starck, in gold at Ora-Ito, they are objects of covetousness. With the 5.5 designers, USB keys, in the shape of house keys or coins, we are playing tricks. Digital photo frames, Santa's best-selling gifts, are styled by Andrée Putman and Martin Szekely.  High-tech design, high-tech design. The influence is reciprocal. Furniture is transformed to accommodate the latest equipment. The Tam Tam, a cult stool from the 70s, now exists in a version with loudspeakers and mp3 docking station. A source of inspiration for designers, technological aesthetics is being diverted. Miko Ginepro's coffee table looks like a famous mp3 player, with a shape that can be identified among a thousand. The Asian architect James Law has made it his speciality. After the Pixel Tower, soon the Shuffle Tower in Dubai. This 129-metre high tower on stilts will stand like a computer circuit. Living in an MP3 player is for tomorrow. 

    On the office side, computers are hidden in attractive and ingenious cases. A real modern-day ladies' desk, the I-trunk by leather goods maker Fred Pinel is dressed in leather with a wardrobe of 51 different colours.  Passionate about  hi-fi since childhood, Guillaume and Thimothée Cagniard have designed a one-piece multimedia cabinet. The aim: to put an end to the accumulation of unattractive equipment, the multi-sockets that litter the floor and the wires that get tangled in all directions. The concept box, with no visible wires, is connected to only one power outlet. Don't be fooled by its retro look close to the arcade terminals of the 70s and 80s. The box is at the cutting edge of technology. It allows you to group together television, computer, CD player, mp3 station, vinyl turntable, video projector... with high-fidelity sound and a minimum of space. The high-tech hasn't finished surprising us. 2010 is the year of the 3D revolution in the home. Video games, films and matches will take on a new dimension with full-HD 3D plasma or 3D LCD screens. The first models are on the market. Quickly, let's equip ourselves with glasses for our future home cinema evenings!

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