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    TECNISE Acoustic panel - Wobedo

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    Sculptural wall panels made to be combined
    to suit your interior in colour & form.
    See combinations.

    Unique shapes with unsurpassed choices in form & colour, so that they can be suited into many different interiors.

    The products contribute to reducing disturbing sound and lessen the echo.
    This enhances the possibility to hear speech, for ex in meeting rooms.

    Our products are durable. They last a long time, and are manufactured with
    materials that enables them to always keep the same shape. The finish is excellent.

    From 77 to 189 euros price/unit.


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Materials : Wool
    • Color : Multicoloured
    • Style : Design
    • Designer : Christel Mansson

    The entire collection of TECNISE

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