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    Combustible - Fireplace

    Fuels are substances which, when burnt, release thermal energy in the form of heat and light. Fuels are used to power a variety of heating, cooking, transport and industrial appliances. They can be of natural or synthetic origin and exist in different forms, such as solid, liquid or gaseous.

    Here is a description of the most common types of fuel:

    Solid fuels :

    Wood: One of the oldest and most natural fuels, wood is used for heating, cooking and power generation.
    Coal: Coal is a solid fossil fuel source that was once widely used for electricity generation and heating.

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    CIMAJ CREPITO Design Pyrenees Editions WOODSTOCK Bois Energies PRIMATO
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    CREPITO - sac d 15kg - Pellets
    sac d 15kg

    Crépito® wood pellets are available in 15 kg bags for manual feeding into wood pellet stoves and ...

    CIMAJ - sac de 15 kg - Pellets
    sac de 15 kg

    Pellets / heating pellets 6 mm, 100% softwood dried at low temperature, No additives or binders, Din ...

    CREPITO -  - Pellets

    Crépito pellets are available in pallets of 15 kg bags. Certified DINplus and NF, they are CERIC ...

    Price upon request
    CIMAJ - sélection 15 - Densified Wood Log
    Densified wood log
    sélection 15

    Mainly manufactured in our own factory in Toulouse, our brand is a quality reference on the French ...

    WOODSTOCK Bois Energies - haute performance - Densified Wood Log
    WOODSTOCK Bois Energies
    Densified wood log
    haute performance

    High performance logs are revolutionising firewood. Made from the best hardwood species (oak, ...

    Price upon request
    WOODSTOCK Bois Energies -  - Pellets
    WOODSTOCK Bois Energies

    Woodstock wood pellets are made from untreated French sawdust, without glue or binder. Compressed ...

    Price upon request
    PRIMATO -  - Pellets

    Pellet controlled, guaranteed and certified of Italian origin. 100% tanned chestnut. Coming from a ...

    Price upon request
    ... This includes organic materials such as agricultural waste, wood residues and garden waste, which can be burnt to produce energy.
    Liquid fuels :

    Oil: Crude oil is refined to produce various petroleum products such as petrol, diesel and heating oil, which are used as fuels in vehicles and heating systems.
    Diesel: A product refined from crude oil, diesel is mainly used as a fuel for diesel engines.
    Heating oil: Also derived from petroleum, heating oil is used as a fuel for residential heating.
    Gaseous fuels :

    Natural Gas: Natural gas is a clean and popular energy source used for cooking, heating and electricity generation.
    Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG): Like propane and butane, LPG is used as a fuel for cooking, heating and industrial applications.
    Bioethanol: Produced from plant matter, bioethanol is a fuel used mainly in bioethanol fireplaces and stoves to create heat and smokeless flames.


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