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    Roof outlet - Fireplace

    The roof outlet category encompasses a set of accessories and components designed to facilitate the safe evacuation of flue gases, smoke and heat produced by combustion heaters, such as chimneys, wood stoves, pellet stoves, etc. Roof outlets play a crucial role in the safety and efficiency of these appliances by providing adequate ventilation and preventing backflow.

    A more detailed description of the roof outlet category is as follows:

    Roof Outlet Components and Accessories:

    Chimney Caps: Chimney caps, also called "rain guards", are elements installed at the top of the roof outlets to prevent rain, snow, debris and animals from entering

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    Turbine ventilator

    Turbine ventilator (1)

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    Poujoulat BRAAS
    Discover all the products in the category "Roof outlet"
    Poujoulat - ronde - Chimney

    Simple and modern, the round roof outlets fit naturally into contemporary houses and urban ...

    Price upon request
    Poujoulat - static - Turbine Ventilator
    Turbine ventilator

    The STATIC smoke extractor is an anti-backflow system that uses the energy of the wind to better ...

    Price upon request
    Poujoulat - optimale - Chimney

    Sober, elegant and refined, the new Optimale roof outlet stands out thanks to its original front ...

    Price upon request
    BRAAS -  - Chimney
    Price upon request
    ... the chimney. They can have different forms and functions, including preventing backflow and improving ventilation.

    Screens and Grilles: These elements are designed to prevent birds, animals and debris from entering the chimney. Screens and grids provide protection while allowing adequate ventilation.

    Chimney Ducts: Chimney ducts are the internal tubes through which flue gases are vented. They are often made of heat-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, and are designed to withstand high temperatures and corrosive combustion products.


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