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    Vegetable mill - Cooking mills

    A vegetable grinder, also known as a "quick pass" or "mash mill", is a kitchen utensil used to turn cooked vegetables into smooth purees or sauces. It is a versatile tool that allows you to quickly and easily prepare vegetable purees for various dishes such as soups, sauces, compotes and baby purees.

    Manufacturers of Vegetable Mills in Europe:

    Moulinex: A well-known French brand that offers a range of kitchen utensils, including quality vegetable mills.

    Westmark: This German brand offers a variety of kitchen utensils, including manual vegetable mills.

    Metaltex: An Italian brand that manufactures kitchen equipment, including vegetable mills of

    OXO -  - Vegetable Mill

    Leveraged system to replace and set up grids with less effort3 grids: different sizes for textures ...

    MAGEFESA -  - Vegetable Mill
    Price upon request
    Tellier Gobel -  - Vegetable Mill
    Tellier Gobel

    Rediscover the authentic taste, creaminess and flavours of yesteryear of the traditional mashed ...

    Price upon request
    Chevalier Diffusion - moulin à tomates fruits légumes velox rouge - Vegetable Mill
    Chevalier Diffusion

    The Velox mill can squeeze a lot of fruits and vegetables by separating the skin from the pulp, in ...

    34.90 € approx.
    ... different models.

    Bron: A Belgian brand specializing in kitchen utensils, offering high quality vegetable mills.

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