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    Bottle opener - Openers

    A bottle opener is a tool designed to open bottles by removing hermetically sealed caps or capsules. There are different types of bottle openers suitable for different types of caps and capsules, whether it is bottles of wine, beer, soda or other drinks.

    Types of Bottle Openers:

    Lever Bottle Opener (Wine Opener): Also called lever corkscrew, this tool is designed to remove corks from wine bottles. It uses a two-lever mechanism to easily extract the plug.

    Bottle Opener (Beer Opener): A simple tool designed to remove capsules from beer bottles. It comes in different shapes and sizes, often used to

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    ... open beer bottles without cork.

    Fin Bottle Opener: Also known as a sommelier bottle opener, it is used to remove corks from wine bottles. It has two small fins that are pushed into the cap, then pulled to remove it.

    Magnet Bottle Opener (Capsule Opener): This bottle opener is equipped with a magnet to catch the metal capsule of the soda or beer bottle once it is removed.

    Ratchet Bottle Opener: A type of bottle opener that uses a ratchet mechanism to facilitate the opening of wine bottle caps.

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