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    Fireplace grill - Fireside accessories

    A fireplace grill, also called a fireplace grill, is an accessory designed to be placed inside an open fireplace to facilitate cooking food above the flames. It allows you to enjoy the rustic charm of a wood fire cooking while creating delicious and tasty dishes.

    Using a Fireplace Grill:

    Fire preparation: To use a fireplace grill, it is necessary to prepare a fire in the open fireplace, using appropriate firewood.

    Waiting for embers: Before you start cooking, it is recommended to wait until the wood burns and turns into hot, glowing embers. Embers provide a more consistent and uniform heat

    ... source for cooking.

    Food layout: Place the food you want to cook on the rack, making sure to space it out to allow for even cooking.

    Monitoring and Flipping: Carefully monitor the cooking of food by turning it regularly to ensure even cooking. Adjusting the height of the grid can also influence the intensity of the heat.

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