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    Ring binder - Boxes and files

    Ring binders, also known as lever binders, are commonly used storage tools in offices, schools and organizations to organize and store documents.

    These binders have ring mechanisms that hold the sheets of paper in place, preventing them from coming off and getting lost.

    European ring binder manufacturers include:

    Esselte: Esselte is a Swedish company specializing in office supplies, including ring binders. They offer a variety of models and sizes to meet the needs of businesses and individuals.

    Leitz: Leitz, also known as the Leitz Group, is a German manufacturer of office supplies, including ring file cabinets. Their products are often

    Papier Plus - a3 - Ring Binder
    Papier Plus

    Its A3 landscape format and its 4-hole mechanism will allow you to create beautiful presentations, ...

    Papier Plus - a4 - Ring Binder
    Papier Plus

    Its landscape size and 4-hole mechanism will allow you to make beautiful presentations. The binder ...

    The Original Book Works - ring binder a0612 - Ring Binder
    The Original Book Works

    315 x 40 x 260 mm 12.5 x 1.5 x 10.25 ins The title on this ringbinder is from a genuine antique ...

    17 € approx.
    ... characterized by their quality and elegant design.

    Exacompta: Exacompta is a French manufacturer of stationery and filing products, including ring binders. Their filing cabinets are often known for their robustness.

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