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    Container for string - Boxes and files

    A string box is a small container designed specifically to hold and store string or rope. It is used in a variety of contexts, whether at home, in craft workshops, offices or gardens. Here's some more information about string boxes:

    Size and capacity: Twine boxes are available in different sizes to suit the length and quantity of twine you wish to store. They can be small enough to hold a single spool of string, or larger enough to hold several spools.

    Materials: Twine boxes can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood, plastic or metal. The choice

    GEFU -  - Container For String
    Wenko -  - Container For String

    With this set composed of a 40m reel of 100% cotton food string and its stainless steel box, your ...

    ON RANGE TOUT -  - Container For String

    This pretty metal box serves as a string reel. It is particularly useful in the garden to attach ...

    ... of material depends on the desired aesthetic, durability and protection of the string from moisture or potential damage.

    Lid: Most string boxes have a lid to protect the string from dust, dirt and unwanted knots. The lid may be removable or have an opening through which the string can be unwound without having to open the box completely.

    Twine dispensing: Some twine boxes have a built-in dispensing device, often in the form of a hole or slot, which allows the twine to be unwound in a convenient and controlled manner without having to remove the spool from the box.

    Organisation: Some string boxes are designed with internal compartments or dividers to store several strings of different colours or thicknesses in an organised manner. This makes it easier to find and access the twine you need for specific projects.

    Here are some well-known manufacturers in the field:

    Tidy Crafts: Tidy Crafts is a brand specialising in craft supplies and offers a range of string boxes in different sizes and styles.

    EK Tools : EK Tools is a well-known brand in the craft industry and also offers quality string boxes.

    Darice : Darice is a well-known manufacturer of craft supplies and offers a variety of string boxes adapted to the needs of craftspeople.

    ArtBin: ArtBin is a popular brand for artistic storage solutions and also offers string boxes for craft enthusiasts.

    Leitz : Leitz is a well-known brand for office supplies and also offers practical string boxes for storage and organisation.

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