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    File box - Boxes and files

    A cardboard box, also known as a filing box or archive box, is a type of rigid cardboard box used for the storage and organization of documents, files or other flat objects. These boxes are commonly used in offices, libraries, archives or workspaces to maintain a well-organized environment. Here is some additional information about cardboard boxes:

    Materials: Cardboard boxes are generally made from heavy-duty, heavy-duty cardboard, such as kraft or corrugated cardboard. The cardboard used is of high quality to guarantee the durability and stability of the box.

    Size and capacity: Carton boxes are available in different sizes to suit

    Billo Tudi - various - File Box
    Billo Tudi

    Designer : Tudi Billo


    2 déclinaisons

    Price upon request
    I-TOTAL - matrioska - File Box

    1100 grs cardboard boxes. They can be put inside one of each other, like the matrioska dolls. ...

    Price upon request
    ... specific storage needs. They can be small to hold cards, individual documents or envelopes, or larger to hold files, binders or books.

    Closure: Cardboard boxes can be equipped with a removable lid that securely attaches to protect the contents from dust, moisture and damage. Some models may have closure flaps or locking devices for additional security.

    Labelling: For better organization, cartons can be equipped with labels or writing areas to easily identify the contents on the outside of the box.

    Stackability: Cardboard boxes are often designed to be stackable, maximizing storage space and creating an efficient vertical organization.

    There are many manufacturers that offer cardboard boxes of different brands and models. Some renowned manufacturers include Fellowes, Bankers Box, Esselte and Pendaflex.

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