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    Ham bag - Hooks

    The ham bag is an emblematic accessory of Spanish culture, specially designed to preserve and protect a ham leg or an Iberian ham shoulder. It is essential to preserve the flavor and quality of this Spanish delicacy, avoiding alterations due to light, dust and temperature variations. Made of burlap or natural fabric, the ham bag allows the meat to breathe while offering a touch of tradition to the presentation.

    Practical Uses:

    Ham Storage: Use the ham bag to keep a ham leg or Iberian ham shoulder in optimal conditions.

    Flavour Preservation: It protects the meat from environmental factors that could

    DEYUTE - etui jambon - Ham Bag

    Designer : DEYUTE

    Cover for ham, luxury food packaging for gourmet.

    5 € approx.
    ... alter its taste.

    Presentation Elegant: When serving ham, the ham bag offers an elegant and authentic presentation.

    Traditional Gift: Offer a ham leg in a ham bag as a gift, which is a popular tradition in Spain.

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