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    Kitchen hook - Hooks

    The tea towel hanger is both a minimalist element and a centerpiece in your kitchen. It breaks the curse of flying tea towels. This tool organizes your kitchen. Just like your dishes, your wet towels have their place. Moreover, the tea towel hanger also allows to extend and dry the kitchen linen.

    It is usually positioned as close as possible to its function either directly on the side of the worktop or on the credenza or even comes on the wall in front of the plan where you cook. It can also be seen near the sink or your dishwasher

    LOUIS FRASER -  - Kitchen Hook
    Price upon request
    ANIMI CAUSA -  - Kitchen Hook
    Price upon request
    Emuca -  - Kitchen Hook

    TOWEL RAIL VERY PRACTICAL FOR BATHROOM OR KITCHEN. 2 telescopic extendable arms for easy access of ...

    ARTORI DESIGN -  - Kitchen Hook

    Bring fashion to your kitchen with this cool towel hanger looking like a Flamenco dancer!

    13€ -  - Kitchen Hook

    Price: 20.90? - Size: 32.5x17x4 cm - Weight: 1 kg

    20.90 € approx.
    ... Its location is clean. It corresponds to the habits you have taken in your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom.

    For this type of product, prices vary. You can equip your kitchen with a hook around 5 €. However, if you want tea towels that can accommodate several towels and that affirm the style of your kitchen, you can reach depending on the attachment and materials around 100 €.
    The little more of an organized kitchen

    This can be a decorative element near vote water point. The tea towel can very well reaffirm - coupled with a carefully chosen tea towel - the atmosphere of your kitchen, thanks to a color, a shape, or a clean material. For example, if you have a kitchen in red and white tones, placing red hooks on a white tile can prove design. The tea towel can be minimalist or not, according to your wishes.

    Different type of towel hook

    You already know the hooks. But there are also the bars. A bar can follow the contours and shapes of your kitchen, and allows you to extend several towels at the same time. In addition, some brands offer small furniture with hooks and some integrated storage, practical.

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