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    Tea filter - Filters and strainers

    A tea filter is a small accessory used to hold loose tea leaves or herbal infusions when brewed in hot water. Tea filters are designed to prevent tea leaves or pieces of herbs from spilling into the drink while allowing aromas and flavors to diffuse into the water.

    Types of tea filters:

    Paper Tea Filter: These are pre-cut and disposable paper bags that contain loose tea leaves. They can be filled, sealed and discarded after use.

    Muslin tea filter: Muslin filters are made from a thin, permeable fabric that allows aromas to pass while retaining tea leaves. They are reusable

    Betjeman & Barton -  - Tea Filter
    Betjeman & Barton
    Tea Filter

    Box of 30 disposable paper filters. These paper filters for teapots allow you to place the right ...

    Mariage Freres -  - Tea Filter
    Mariage Freres

    The tea taster™ filter is ideal for perfect preparation of the best teas. In order not to mix the ...

    Betjeman & Barton - filtre pour mug - Tea Filter
    Betjeman & Barton

    For use in mugs and teapots. Long-lasting and dishwasher safe. Its lid serves as a drainer after ...

    Betjeman & Barton - petit modèle - Tea Filter
    Betjeman & Barton
    petit modèle

    This reusable tea filter is made of chlorine-free cotton.  Small model, size: 7cm.  To ...

    Palais Des Thes -  - Tea Filter
    Palais Des Thes

    TEXTILE FILTRE - 7CM- cotton tea filter - 7 cm. Fits on the teapot.

    Finum -  - Tea Filter

    Our filters are made from abaca pulp, cellulose and sealing fiber, guaranteeing true-flavor ...

    Price upon request
    Palais Des Thes -  - Tea Filter
    Palais Des Thes

    FILTRE TO THE IN ACIER , Ideal for brewing tea in a large cup.

    Finum -  - Tea Filter

    100 tea filters per box ideal for mugs and small teapots with tongue for a simple filling with ...

    Price upon request
    ... and can be washed between uses.

    Stainless steel tea filter: These filters are often in the form of hinged balls or pliers, made of stainless steel. Place the tea leaves, then close them for infusion.

    Silicone Tea Filter: These flexible silicone filters are usually designed as a strainer or ball. They are easy to clean and fill.

    Teapot Tea Filter: Some teapots are equipped with a built-in filter that retains tea leaves, allowing the drink to be poured directly without removing the leaves.

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