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    Decanter funnel - Filters and strainers

    A settling funnel, also called a settling funnel, is an instrument used in chemistry and laboratory to separate liquids of different densities or to transfer liquids from one container to another while avoiding contamination or introduction of impurities.

    This type of funnel is specially designed to allow a clear separation between two immiscible liquids (liquids that do not mix easily), such as water and oil.

    L'orfevrerie d'Anjou - corne à décanter - Decanter Funnel
    L'orfevrerie d'Anjou

    As an invitation, its softened form suggests the roundness of the wines to decant.

    WHITE LABEL - décanteur de vin minute deco maison ustensile cuis - Decanter Funnel
    31.68 € approx.

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